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container coffee bar and meeting room
container coffee bar and meeting room
Shipping container incubator cafe
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3W cafe Long Gang is located at the entrance of creative street in Tian An cyber park, it is a unique modern look container construction. The theme of 3W cafe is very famous incubator for internet, high tech start up, the container architecture provides an open, professional, recreational space for communication between new entrepreneurs, promotes the information exchange and industry development.

Besides conventional cafe area, there is also independent internet start up saloon section for frequently open class, saloon conference, book reading activities etc. Prefabricated shipping containers as building elements, simple, quick, modular, easy transportation, lifting and assembling, flexible combination of inner space, also highly recyclable, making it ideal option of this modern architecture for showing innovation, environmental friendly, perfect match with image of internet, high tech industry,  10 units of different size shipping containers were chosen to realize this project.

Outdoor setting

Outdoor setting

Indoor setting

Indoor setting


Category Item Specification
Size 6,058mm(L)
20 ft 2,438mm(W)
40 ft 2,438mm(W)  
Frame Containerized Structure Corten steel
Ceiling& wall (interior) Simple decoration Color coated steel sandwich panel
Insulation (PU/EPS/rock wool, thickness 50/75/100mm)
Luxury decoration Light steel structure fixed on container corrugated wall
Plywood, plasterboard or fiber cement board (NO ASBESTOS)
Insulation (PU/EPS/rock wool, thickness 50/75/100mm)
Water based painting as finish (Ceramic tiles for bathroom)
Ceiling Aluminum/PVC/other suspended ceiling
Wall Aluminum plastic composite panel, wooden, veneer, wall paper
External decoration Customized Wooden/PVC cladding/WPC cladding, aluminum cladding
Floor Customized Insulation (PU/EPS/rock wool, thickness 50/75/100mm)
Solid wood, composite wood floor, bamboo floor, carpet, vinyl
Window  Frame PVC/aluminum
Type Sliding/swing
Glass Single tempered glass/double tempered glass
Fly mesh Stainless steel
Security screen Stainless steel/galvanized steel/aluminum can be chosen
Size Customized
Door Customized Color coated steel sandwich panel/aluminum/solid wood/PVC
lectricity Customized Distribution boxes with breakers
Lights, sockets & switches 
Wire(In wall/Surface mounted wiring) 
Water  plumbing Customized Piping with sanitary(toilet, basin, shower etc)
Packing& Transportation Packing Plywood seal the wall opening(windows&doors etc)
Transport Shipped as regular standard shipping container
Facility (optional) Furniture(bed, end table, desk, chair, wardrobe)/Water Heater
Typical  application Prefabricated house, building/modular house, building, home living
Technical  Roof load 0.2kN/m2
Base load 1.5kN/m2
Wind loading 10
Fire rating Body maintenance material 
Seismic 9
Heat preservation 0.032W/(m*k)

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