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  • Modo container will move to new factory in 2018

    Dec 29,2017

    Our team have been busy with new factory these months, here is the update, location Taimei town, Boluo county, Huizhou, 1 hour drive from Guangzhou or Shenzhen downtown. Capacity upgrade Total 50000 sqm, workshop 20000sqm, one shift capacity exceed 20 units container. Equipment upgrade Semi auto ass...

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  • Happy new year

    Dec 29,2017

    Dear Friend Best wishes for the new year. Thank you for choosing us. There will be a long way ahead for both you and Modo Container, but no matter how long that road would be, we will always stay true to our mission- be authentic to create value for our customers.       &nbs...

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  • Modo Container busy with solar installation rush before 30 June

    Jun 05,2017

    PV projects that filed for China’s national PV installation and subsidy scale (so-called “subsidy index”) after January 1st, 2017 will be eligible for 2017’s subsidy rates, so are projects that filed before the end of 2016 but being unable to connect to the grid by June 30, 2017. New rates for large...

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  • Dragon Boat Festival holiday until 31 May

    May 28,2017

    Modo Container is having 3-days holiday for Dragon Boat Festival, resume work on Wednesday, 31 May.   The Duanwu Festival, also often known, especially in the West, as the Dragon Boat Festival, is a traditional holiday originating in China, occurring near the summer solstice. It is also known a...

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  • Automated container terminal in Port of Qingdao put into operation

    May 15,2017

      From CGTN Qingdao residents call the terminal, which began operations Thursday, 11 May 2017,  a "ghost port." CGTN visited the terminal at midnight, and found no workers in sight. Machines and trucks were busy moving on their own in the darkness, as containers were being unloaded 24/7 fr...

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  • Happy Mother's day to every great mom including container

    May 14,2017

    Happy Mother's day to the great mom all over the world. Shipping container, the humble "mother" breeds new opportunities inside her body like no one. Is it like human mother? Contributing silently, protecting you inside all the way, growing old. Best wishes to the containers. Sincerely, Modo Contain...

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  • Modo Container team meet industry players in PMMHF 2017

    May 13,2017

    PMMHF stands for Prefab House, Modular Building, Mobile House, and Space Fair. Being the unique specialized exhibition on prefab house and modular building in China, is a specialized trade show exhibiting and promoting all kinds of new type housing solutions which are prefabricated, affordable, ecof...

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  • Steel price increasing, Modo Container tried to keep competitive container price

    May 03,2017

    As you might have noticed, raw material of our containers, steel price has been picking up for the past few months. Roughly we have seen the material price of a shipping container increase by 25% since this time last year. For all container industry players, we are in the same boat. However, we will...

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  • Modo Container will have labor day holiday resume work on 2 May

    Apr 29,2017

    Modo Container is having International Labor Day holiday, weekend plus 1 May, will resume work on 2 May, Tuesday. Solute to dear workers

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  • PMMHF Guangzhou 12 - 14 May 2017 Exhibition of prefabricated homes, modular buildings and mobile living

    Mar 03,2017

    Visitors and exhibitors meet for the 7th time on the PMMHF on 3 days from Fri., 12.05.2017 to Sun., 14.05.2017 in Guangzhou. Modo container team (Huizhou Huiji) will be there to support our customers, welcome to schedule a meeting with us.

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