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Modo Container team meet industry players in PMMHF 2017

May 13, 2017

PMMHF stands for Prefab House, Modular Building, Mobile House, and Space Fair.

Being the unique specialized exhibition on prefab house and modular building in China, is a specialized trade show exhibiting and promoting all kinds of new type housing solutions which are prefabricated, affordable, ecofriendly, energy-saving, time and cost effective.

People flow is good

Favorite is one company using CIMC container showcasing precast 15cm concrete wall for prefabricated villa

There are only few container house suppliers, I had a chance to talk to the organizer, among 1700 foreign visitors, about 70 customers are interested in container house. A lot of light gauge steel houses, steel sheet roll form machine,  mobile toilets and innovative building material attracted much attention.

Modo Container used to stand behind trading companies to overseas market, this year aim to meet some potential foreign customers, works out good, see below one happy foreign customer today, happy about his modified shipping containers.

Modo Container's highlights

  • First class team from CIMC
  • Over 260 types, 11600pcs special containers delivered since 2008
  • One hour drive from the Port of Shenzhen
  • Complete fabrication in house
  • CAD for every project, 3D upon request

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