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45ft high cube container for sale
45ft high cube container for sale
45ft high cube freight container
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ISO 45ft high cube freight container 

Standard 45ft high cube container, 9ft 6in tall on the exterior. The high cube container is perfectly suited for taller items. This unit is also commonly customized for uses other than storage, create container homes, on construction sites to store large equipment and materials and also for private storage and shipping purposes.


  • Built with secure corten steel
  • Sealed doors, no room for leaks or insects
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Weatherproof vents
  • Lockable handles

The following table gives the overall dimensions as standardized in ISO 668 and the minimum internal dimensions and door openings for general purpose containers as standardized in ISO 1496-1.


Dimensions MM FT – IN
External Length 13,176 45
Width 2,438 8
Height 2,896 9 – 6
Internal Length 13,556 44 – 5 45/64
Width 2,352 7 – 8 19/32
Height 2,698 8 – 10 7/32
Door Opening Width 2,340 7 – 8 1/8
Height 2,585 8 – 5 49/64
Inside Cubic Capacity CU.M CU.FT
86 3,040
Maximum Gross Weight 30,480 67,200
Tare Weight 4,780 10,540
Maximum Payload 25,700 56,660
Allowable Stacking Weight (1.8G) 216,000 476,200

All values listed in the tables are given in metric, ft and lbs values are easy reference only.

* The dimension above are nominal figures, because of production tolerances a difference in measurement is possible.

* The tare weight can vary ±2%. 

If you are looking for further advice or your specific requirements are not yet satisfied, we are more than happy to assist you. Please call Modo container or send us email and let our experience work for you. 

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